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       Shandong Lu Li Steel Co., Ltd.:Founded in 1993, the company is a joint venture company engaged in sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking and steel rolling. The company is located in Shandong Province, Shouguang Hou Town, north of two national open ports of Yangkou Port 20 kilometers east, 15 kilometers from Weifang port, Ukraine high-speed road 2 km away from the factory, transportation convenience. In 2011 by the "iron and steel industry in Shandong province" 12th Five-Year "development plan" in Shandong Province as the focus on supporting the development of iron and steel enterprises, support the development of high quality Luli steel rods, high strength rebar, steel processing and distribution base construction, implementation of products and services to the downstream extension". In August 2014, the company successfully passed the State Ministry of industry "iron and steel industry standard conditions" acceptance.
The company has passed the ISO quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and constructed a perfect marketing system and customer service network. The leading products have 10 - Phi Phi 40 steel (grade III), Phi Phi 14 - 6 / 16 - half circle, Phi Phi 180 carbon steel, alloy steel, Zhou Chenggang, 50, Phi Phi 260, Phi 150 steel tube - Phi 220 billet, all kinds of alloy ingots. Among them, "Lu Li" brand tube billet steel, high-quality carbon structural steel is recognized as "Shandong famous brand" products. Company products are exported to more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other places, has a good market reputation.
More than ten years of hard work, Lu Li iron and steel has been from an unknown place, small enterprises, the development of management science, the strength of the steel production enterprises. The next step will be in accordance with the "iron and steel industry in Shandong province" 12th Five-Year "development plan" to determine the direction of development, outstanding quality, high strength steel bar and reinforced molding product characteristics, adhere to the "low carbon cycle, and green" concept, increase technological innovation, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, further optimize the industrial structure, build a green steel enterprises with professional characteristics and innovation ability.

       Shandong Luli Forging Co. Ltd.: founded in 2013, is a by Luli Group Holdings Limited, manufacturing enterprises based on the joint production of large machinery processing, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company is located in Shandong Province, Shouguang Hou Town, north of two national open ports of Yangkou Port 20 kilometers east, 15 kilometers from Weifang port, Ukraine high-speed road 2 km away from the factory, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, with an annual output of 2 million tons of casting and forging processing and distribution capacity.
As a positive response to the state to promote the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the optimization of industrial upgrading policy; Luli group high-end positioning, scientific investment, innovation, relying on the advantages of steel production and the original basis, the machinery industry as the main direction of future development, under the background of Shandong Lu Li casting Co. Ltd was. Now a project has been put into production, the main assembly of 2 * 4 * 100t electric furnace, 60 tons, 100 tons of intermediate frequency furnace 2 * and 1 * 35 LF, 1 sets of six tons of furnace six machine flow continuous casting machine, 1 sets of four engines, 1 strand caster VD furnace, a furnace, a set of VC VOD with die casting, 3 sets of 800 x 3150 x 5000 forging machine, two electric furnace, twelve electric heating furnace. The main products are continuous casting billet (180 x 180mm, 300 x 300 mm), rectangular billet (230 x 280 x 300 mm, 260 mm, 300 mm, 340 x 360 x 410 mm), round tube (180 mm diameter and 450 mm diameter) and alloy ingot (1.4T-150T) and the varieties and categories and the special material of casting and forging. The two stage will be the extension of precision forging and mechanical parts manufacturing, construction of a garden six factory "- bearing factory, factory, crankshaft gear factory, rolling factory, forging factory, the factory, the industry advanced manufacturing technology, complete production process from metal smelting to mechanical parts processing in a body form, manufacturing make a contribution to Shandong province and the national mechanical processing.
Shandong Luli Forging Co. Ltd. with the regional economic development planning and industrial policies of the state, in accordance with the "catalogue for the guidance of industrial structure adjustment" (2011), "the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan" and other policies, the company adopts advanced technology and equipment, has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low energy consumption products, solve the enterprise the small scale of Shandong Province casting, positive effect on the development of the demonstration target will promote the foundry industry in Shandong province to achieve the overall objective of the planning and the whole industry.

Shandong Panjin Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Located in Houzhen Town, Shouguang City, Shandong Province, and close to Shandong Luli Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Shandong Panjin Forging Machinery Co., Ltd., the Company is 20 km south of the national second-class port Yangkou Port, 15 km west of Weifang Port, 2 km to Rongwu Expressway Intersection from the factory, superior in geographical location, and enjoying convenient transportation. The Company mainly has six modernized continuous rolling pipe manufacturing lines, respectively two for Φ159 two-roller continuous rolling, Φ180 three-roller continuous rolling, Φ273 three-roller continuous rolling, annual production capacity of 3 million tons, complete product specifications, and can manufacture high quality hot rolled seamless steel pipes of Φ32~Φ356×3.5~40mm. In the future, the Company accelerate supporting development and extend the steel pipe deep processing industrial chain relying on steel pipe products.

Lu Li processing and distribution center: the center is a collection of scientific research, production, trade integration in the enterprise management center, relying on Luli Steel Corp for many years the production of hot-rolled and cold-rolled ribbed steel production experience, the introduction of international advanced automatic welding, welding, cold rolled steel bar cage and bending equipment, a total investment of 460 million yuan, with an annual output of various types 1 million tons of finished steel.
The center relies on the international advanced processing equipment, sophisticated processing and management mode, the product quality and precision meet the requirements of the international standard or above, can be widely used in construction engineering, traffic engineering, municipal engineering, water conservancy facilities and other projects, and provide engineering consulting, steel processing projects of foreign cost analysis, process design site installation and guidance. In accordance with customer requirements to provide high quality processing services and undertake steel project.

Shandong Yinli metal utilization Co. Ltd.: Shandong Yinli metal utilization Co. Ltd. was established in November 2013, located in Shandong Province, Shouguang Hou Town Industrial Park, east of Weifang port, South Rong Wu highway, Jiqing expressway, convenient transportation. The company registered capital of 30 million yuan, covers an area of 119 thousand square meters, is recycling, utilization, processing, sales as one of the comprehensive recycling company. Mainly engaged in recycling scrap metal, scrap steel, scrap cars, scrap, scrap, scrap iron, scrap iron, scrap and other raw scrap metal recycling. In the current high price of mineral resources, serious environmental pollution ore smelting situation, improve the scrap metal recycling, reduce the metallurgical industry "three wastes" emissions, with environmental protection, economic and social benefits of higher.
The company production workshop building area of 50000 square meters, the main production equipment of RVB-90200-170 scrap steel and scrap car crushing and sorting equipment 1, RVS220-2 1 Y81/F-315 to cut scrap, packing machine 4 sets, WZY18-6/ WZY32-7 catch steel machine 4, and a series of auxiliary production equipment, strong technical equipment capacity.
Scrap metal recycling processing and utilization as an emerging industry, through the comprehensive utilization of resources and recycling, to achieve the unification of economic, social and environmental benefits, energy saving and emission reduction, development of circular economy, low carbon economy, establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly society to make contribution.

Shouguang Dingsen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Founded in January 2017 in the beautiful town of vegetables - Houzhen Town, Shouguang with registered capital of 30 million yuan and an area of 25,000 square meters, the Company has sheet-metal workshop, machining workshop, clad plate processing workshop, steel structure processing & production workshop, mandril machining center and roller machining center at present, and newly introduces numerically-controlled machine tool, drilling machine, sawing machine, engine lathe, milling planer, planing machine, bending roll, plate shearing machine, bending machine, tile press, pass-type shot blasting machine and other advanced equipment.
Its business includes general steel pipe mandrel production, roller production, equipment manufacturing, sales; fabrication and installation of steel structure; color plate processing and production, installation; contracting for: pipeline and equipment installation project, anti-corrosive insulation project, etc.
All staff of Dingsen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will serve every customer with great enthusiasm. We are looking forward to the joining and cooperation of people with lofty ideals from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow together.

Shouguang LongYuKun New Building Materials Co., Ltd.: As a dispensable part for Luli Groupto develop circle economy, the Company adopts LM56.3 Loesche mill independently developed by Loesche Grinding Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Germany), wet slag blending and conveying system, slag grinding system, dust collecting system and slag powder storage system, and uses grain slag as the main raw material. Through mechanical grinding processing, the Company can produce 1 million tons of slag powder annually.
With particle size exceeding 4200cm2/g, slag micro-powder is a high quality concrete admixture and cement mixture, and can be widely used in large concrete foundation engineering, underground tunnels, hydro-power station foundation engineering, wall materials, etc.
Shouguang LongYuKun New Building Materials Co., Ltd. welcomes friends from all walks of life to come for visit, guidance and business negotiations.